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Play dough recipe - Wild.Kind. Compassionate Playschool

When you’re looking for ways to keep children away from being drawn to screen entertainment, open the kitchen cupboard and try this easy play dough recipe.

Throughout their early years, children use all their five senses to discover the world around them, so it’s important to encourage their development with creative activities. Play dough provides the perfect opportunity for children to actively use their senses whilst playing, offering benefits such as fine motor development and early cognitive learning.

Our no-cook play dough recipe is so simple to make and children can be part of the process, too.

2 cups flour
1 cups salt
1 cup warm water
2tbsp vegetable oil
Food colouring (optional, but definitely recommended to make it more fun!)

Add the flour, salt and oil to a bowl and mix well with a fork, adding in most of the water. If it’s a little dry, add some extra water – and if a little wet, add extra flour. Once combined, you can knead it with your hands until a soft dough forms.

The dough is ready to use – or can be coloured by dividing it into sections then adding food colouring (5-10 drops) to a bowl and kneading it in. This part can get messy so have a sink of warm soapy water ready for cleaning hands after! Washable paint can be added as an alternative.

To keep it from drying out, the play dough can be stored in bags or containers in the fridge for up to four weeks. If you’d like to preserve what you’ve made, the dough can be baked.

If you’re looking for some activities with play dough, this website has some great ideas (activities are listed roughly in order from easier to more challenging, for your convenience).

Have fun!

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