Welcome to Wild.Kind.

Welcome to our site for Wild.Kind. Compassionate Playschool! We opened our day care on 2nd May 2019 in Riehen, Basel, for children of the ages 3 months to school-entry.

Our approach is to complement your own caring parenting to ensure that your child is exposed to ample social engagement. Early childhood years are crucial to the healthy physical and mental development of children. To contribute responsibly towards that, we care for the children in a safe, sociable and compassionate setting.

Children develop compassion through acts of caring and kindness from and to others. As they grow, this can guide their actions and behaviours in positive ways. To keep this planet green, healthy, friendly and enjoyable for all species, compassion is in need more than ever. To help achieve this, we aim to act as caring, compassionate role models at the playschool. As a result, we hope to help teach children about kindness towards others and themselves. Setting a good example is our key method to encourage them to apply these values to their relationships and interactions.