It’s our big day!

After much sweat, a little blood, and only a few tears (from a certain little person this morning who insisted on cycling to the play school with mummy to make the final preparations), we are opening our doors to our brand new, compassionate and sustainable play school TODAY!

The initial responses have been just what we hoped and dreamed for – excitement in their eyes when they arrive, much laughter and running around in the spacious rooms, and not wanting to leave! We look forward to welcoming our little people and to sharing memorable times with them over the next years as they develop.

A huge thank you to all who have made this possible and put up with our impossible requirements in such a short time. Without your belief in our vision and passion, and ensuring that the values of our concept are implemented in all of our preparatory work, this would not have been possible.

Special mentions go to:

  • Raphi Schäfer – extraordinary in your commitment, multi-talented and our hero
  • Schmidlin AG Elektro – for lending us Raphael for so long and sourcing us the very best equipment
  • Mike Picker – architect, building project manager and Zen master!
  • A-Team – ensuring our values of sustainability and close-to-nature could be applied even to our flooring (it’s cork!)
  • All of our friends and family who have supported wherever they could, and shared our excitement
  • Zoë, for your understanding for all of the time we have had to spend on this project, as chief taster of the vegetarian lunch menus. You are our inspiration.
  • Those parents and children who share our views on compassion and sustainability, and trusted us enough to commit to starting with us today before we could even show you the premises!
  • The Humble Co. – so happy to have found a supplier with such values, sustainable products and good cause
  • Several others who we know are too humble to want to be named, but we want you to know we appreciate you very much!

Nici, Séverine, Nadine & Daniel

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