How we can empower children?

Empower kids

As parents or care givers, how can we empower our children to be the best version of themselves? Naturally, we want them to grow up confident with self-worth, resilience and respect for others.

Here are some tips to empower them so they can develop into fulfilled, confident, respectful, well-adjusted and resilient adults.

End the day on a positive note – as your child drifts off to sleep, whisper something positive about the day that relates directly to them. Going to sleep feeling loved, save and positive is empowering!

Give your child choice – from a young age, encourage your child to make decisions that directly relate to them such as choosing between toast or cereal for breakfast, or which coloured t-shirt to wear.

Listen – stop what you’re doing and really engage.

Allow your child to take risks – trust your child to explore their environment and this means taking small (monitored!) risks.

Encourage your child to follow their interests – even if they’re not your interests, allow them to pursue what makes their heart sing.

Encourage perseverance, resilience and integrity – life is not always easy, so encourage your child to try and keep on trying until they succeed or come close to it!

Teach your child the ‘super hero pose’ -this fun and actually very empowering! Encourage your child to place their hands on their hips, their legs slightly apart and their shoulders back for 30 seconds. Surprising empowering – try it yourself!

Fundamentally, we can empower our kids in a number of ways. Trust them, model respect towards them and encourage them in all they choose to do!

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